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Defibrillator - HeartStart® HS1 First Aid

Defibrillator - HeartStart® HS1 First Aid

  • 2,40000

Gives you the confidence in knowing that you can save a life even before help arrives.
Designed for use by everyone, at any time, at any location.

 The HeartStart HS1 is...

Fast to learn...

So simple to operate that a first aider with minimal training can potentially save the
life of a co-worker, friend or member of the family or public.

Easy to use...

Calming natural voice instructions coach the first aider through the steps of first aid
defibrillation and CPR.

Always ready...

Comprehensive automatic self-tests check all the HeartStart’s vital functions on a daily,
weekly and monthly schedule, so as to ensure that HeartStart is always ready for
emergency life saving.

Voice coaching...

Helps the user take control with easy-to-follow instructions with a clear and confident

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